Lockport Family Chiropractic Centre was founded in 1998 by Dr. Rupinder S. Diocee D.C. who remains as the clinic director at this time. Dr. Diocee completed his Bachelor degree at the University of Manitoba and then further pursued his study of chiropractic at the Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minneapolis, MN. During this time Dr. Diocee focused his attention to mastering the Gonstead method of chiropractic(see link).

Chiropractic is the distinct science dedicated to the removal of vertebral subluxations (misalignments of the spinal joints that damage the adjacent nerve roots). Once these delicate nerves are damaged, the body’s natural ability to control organ and tissue function is reduced and over time symptoms of illness appear. These symptoms may include pain, headaches, numbness, tingling, weakness and other health problems. The goal at our office is not to treat symptoms, but to remove the pressure from the damaged nerve tissue and allow the body to correct itself. Additional importance is placed on correctly balancing the spine and educating our patients in nutrition and proper lifestyle habits. Great precision and care is taken to provide you with the specific spinal correction you require.

Our clinic utilizes the latest in patient technology including on-site x-ray facilities, infrared thermography, computerized posture analysis and theFootmaxx computerized orthotic system.

Our office works in conjunction with other health care providers to ensure that, as a patient, you receive the appropriate care you require.

Please take the time to explore this site as we hope it will educate you and answer most of the common questions our patients have.

Our friendly office staff is always able to assist you should you require further information.