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New Patient Procedure


New Patient – Form 1
New Patient – Form 2


Your first appointment at our clinic involves several steps to assist the doctor in determining the cause of your health problem. Appropriate time will be given for you to complete the clinic entrance and patient history forms. If your case is due to an automobile (MPIC) or work injury (WCB) please provide all claim information to our receptionist. It is important for you to provide as much information as possible so the doctor has a clear understanding of your overall condition. If you are on any medications or supplements, please bring in a list for your doctor. Also any other health information you can provide will be valuable at this time (example: CT scan/MRI reports, recent blood test results).

Once your health history has been reviewed, you will begin the exam portion of your visit. The doctor will now check you to determine if you have spinal misalignment present that are damaging your nerve tissue. A full spine postural check is done to make sure that all the weight bearing joints are aligned and moving properly. If the doctor decides that he will accept your case, X-ray images may be required at this time.

Our clinic has its own x-ray facilities on site to save the patient from having to go elsewhere and more importantly to ensure proper positioning occurs during the x-ray procedure.

Once all this has been done, your first visit is complete.

Total time for this appointment is approximately 45 minutes. Please arrive on time.


By now the doctor has reviewed your x-rays and case history. They will now go through the results of the exam with you. It is suggested that you bring a spouse or close friend with you so that they too will have an understanding of your health concerns and support you through the healing process. The cause of your health problems will be explained here.

Once you have reviewed everything with the doctor, you are ready for your first Chiropractic adjustment and on your way to a healthier you!

Total time for this appointment is 30 minutes. Please arrive on time.